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We are a partner in your pursuit of wellness through prevention and rehabilitation.


Your path to a successful recovery begins with a thorough evaluation provided by Doctors of Physical Therapy.  

Our clinicians have years of clinical experience in working with clients with a wide array of disabilities.  We use the most current scientific evidence and state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with the optimal outcome.  We also provide exceptional customer service in order for you to receive the best physical therapy experience possible.


Your treatment will be comprehensive, as you will be provided with therapeutic exercise programs, symptom reduction modalities, and skillfully performed manual therapy techniques.  More importantly, you will be better informed and educated on your condition and how to manage your symptoms.  This will allow you to return to your daily routine and to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.


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As experts of normal human body movement, we are more than qualified to help you manage and improve your overall health, physical conditions, and diseases.


The purposes of our wellness and prevention programs are to: 

  • Educate you about the safe integration of physical activity into your daily life, while taking your complete health history into consideration.
  • Provide you with a training routine that is specific to your ability and goals.
  • Provide screening for disease prevention and management.
  • Help you adopt lifestyle changes.


Our wellness and prevention programs are specific to you.  For you to avoid potential injury from improper training and mechanical falls.


It helps you minimize the risk of acquiring diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and osteoporosis.


Also to treat other conditions like joint pain, weight gain, generalized weakness, and poor balance.

dorsaVi Suite

The latest in wearable sensor technology is now available at Specialized Physical Therapy Solutions.


We want to keep you safe, optimize your performance, and help you recover.  To do that, we need to tailor a treatment plan that's unique and specific to you.  We have a great tool that does just that.  It's called the dorsaVi movement Suite.  It uses revolutionary wireless wearable sensors to objectively measure exactly how you move.  These are the same sensors that elite sports trainers use with Olympians and professional athletes to measure range of motion, acceleration and muscle activity.  By recording data at 200 frames per second, dorsaVi Movement Suite provides our team with visual, objective, easily interpreted data to assess your technique and movement for performance analysis and muscle re-education.


Want to learn more?  Give us a call or visit our clinic to learn more about what the dorsaVi Movement Suite can do for you.  You can also find more information at dorsaVi's website: http://us.dorsavi.com/

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