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Give yourself the gift of health and higher performance.  Partner with SPECIALIZED PHYSICAL THERAPY SOLUTIONS in your pursuit of feeling and being great.

Our Many Services

Individualized and specific to your condition. Provided by Specialists and Doctors of Physical Therapy.


Your path to a successful recovery begins with a thorough evaluation provided by Doctors of Physical Therapy. Our clinicians have years of clinical experience in working with clients with a wide array of disabilities.


As experts of normal human body movement, we are more than qualified to help you manage and improve your overall health, physical conditions, and diseases.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Through a variety of techniques ranging from the education of proper body mechanics, manual therapy, and pelvic floor specific exercises, the therapist will guide the treatment plan for the various pelvic floor dysfunction.

Pre-surgery Rehabilitation (Prehab)

Undergoing an orthopedic surgery is an important journey that requires careful planning and preparation.  We can help you prepare for this journey with our Prehab program. 



Healthy Spine

An ergonomic and postural assessment program to help you identify structural and/or physical faults causing your spine or spine related conditions.

What our clients are saying about us.


I recommend Luc highly and plan to go to him for tune ups.




I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen's physical therapy services.  He is very knowledgeable, experienced, thorough in his assessment and holistic in his approach. Plus, he is kind, gentle and strong, and a joy to work with.




Luc Nguyen is a gifted, extraordinary and outstanding Physical Therapist.


I've had two successful physical therapy journeys - and I feel blessed that Luc helped me complete them.  Every session he was focused, knowledgeable, caring and encouraged me to believe that I could conquer these challenges.  I truly believe that because of him - I did.

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